27 Tourist Areas Around Lake Toba, is Suitable for Nature Lovers

 27 Tourist Areas Around Lake Toba, is Suitable for Nature Lovers

Here are 27 of the tourist areas around Lake Toba, is suitable for nature lovers, diverse tourist attractions around Lake Toba visited after the Enactment of Restrictions on the Activities of the Community (PPKM): 

1. Waterfall Situmurun

A fusion between the view of Lake Toba with a waterfall can be found in places such Waterfall Situmurun a height of about 70 meters

This waterfall consists of seven steps. The water flows off a cliff that is located on the shore of Lake Toba. The flow of the water falling directly into the lake.

Waterfall Situmurun located in the Village of Situmurun, Kabupaten Toba Samosir, Sumatera Utara.

2. Bukit Holbung

The hills around Lake Toba can be a location to enjoy Lake Toba from a height, one of which is Bukit Holbung or Bukit Teletubbies. 

Bukit Holbung located in Samosir Regency, North Sumatra. 

In addition to viewing the scenery of Lake Toba, visitors can also witness the sunset in the afternoon of this area. 

3. View Tower Tele

View tower Tele located not too far from Bukit Holbung. This tower becomes the place to see Toba Lake and surrounding hills.

The tower is located in Samosir Regency, North Sumatra.

Distance from Bukit Holbung to the Tower of View of the Tele with a four wheel vehicle can be taken for 44 minutes.

Whereas, the distance from the City of Medan to View Tower Tele can reach five to six hours with a four-wheel vehicle. 

View tower Tele consists of three floors which can be accessed visitors. From the top floor, for example, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the hills, the houses of citizens, rice fields, waterfalls, and Lake Toba.

4. Bukit Gibeon

Wisata Bukit Gibeon situated in Parapat, Lake Toba, North Sumatra.

This place is often referred to as the smile, because supposedly the visitors who come to this place will smile after witnessing the natural panorama. 

Don't just relax while enjoying the view of Lake Toba from a height, visitors can also try camping.

See the view of the sunrise and sunset in this place is also one of the activities that can be tried. 

5. Bukit Indah Simarjarunjung

Bukit Indah Simarjunjung located in the Village of Butubayu Pane of the King, Dolok Pardament, Kabupaten Simalungun, Sumatera Selatan.

This hill offers a variety of attractions as well as a number of the tree house and spot the photo.

6. Waterfall Euphrates

Waterfall Euphrates is one of the natural attractions around the Lake Toba.

Meanwhile, the Waterfall Euphrates, located in bill Dolok, Daily, District Simosir, North Sumatra.

Visitors have to walk approximately 100 meters from the parking location to reach this waterfall.

Visitors can see the waterfall is 20 meters tall with a hill in around him.

7. The Garden Of Eden 100

The garden of Eden 100 is a tourist attraction in the hills of the Village Sionggang North, District Lumban Julu, Toba Simosir, North Sumatra. This tourism object is located not far from the Hill of Gibeon.

Visitors can see the waterfall and relax in a row of the hammock.

For visitors who want to learn how to the cultivation of herbs typical Batak Toba can also try it in the Garden of Eden 100.

8. The Tourist Village Of Tomok

Not only presents a nature, Lake toba also offers cultural tours are interesting to learn. One of the places of culture that can be visited is the Village of Tomok.

The village is located in the eastern part of the Island of Samosir, precisely in the coastal region of the eastern part.

Visitors can see a number of traditional houses typical Batak Tribe, the tombs of ancient kings, as well as relics of the ancestors of the megalithic age.

9. Batak Museum Tomok

The Tourist village of Tomok also save the cultural charm of the specialized museum, which houses a diverse relics of the ancestors of the Batak Tribe.

Batak Museum Tomok located in the Complex of TB Silalahi Center, Tomok Village, Kecamatan Simanindo, Kabupaten Samosir, Sumatera Utara.

The Museum has a shape of the building in the form of the traditional house of Batak Tribe or often called with Ruma Bolon.

The walls of the building are met carving with a predominance of red, white, and black.

10. Inna Parapat Hotel

Staycation around Lake Toba is an option that can be tried to spend a weekend or a holiday, one place is in Inna Parapan Hotel.

The Hotel has room design in the form of bungalow typical Batak. Reported by Kompas.com this hotel has often stayed by the participants of sports competitions, including the Asian Games, SEA Games, and POUNDS.

In addition to relaxing on the rooms, guests of the hotel can enjoy the expanse of white sand around the Lake Toba. 

11. Desa Lumban Suhi Suhi

Ulos is a woven fabric typical Batak Tribe. This fabric is an important aspect of and inseparable from the life of the community of the Batak Tribe.

Desa Lumban Suhi Suhi is known to be one of the producers of kain ulos stay in Samosir. No wonder if many tourists come to witness the process of making ulos directly on the spot

Not only witness the process of making, visitors can also buy ulos of this village as a souvenir.

12. Hanging Rock Parapat

Hanging rock is a tourist attraction in the form of a high cliff in the area of Lake Toba, located in the Town of Parapat, North Sumatra.

To be able to witness the rock cliffs that looks like the hang of this, visitors must ride a boat across Lake Toba.

Visitors will be treated to panoramic beauty of Lake Toba, with the hills around him.

13. Island Tulas Samosir

Island Tulas Samosir island is a small island not inhabited located in the middle of Lake Toba. 

According to the website of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Province of North Sumatra, the island is unspoiled human. 

Administratively, the Island Tulas Samosir island located in Lake Toba, Samosir Regency, North Sumatra.

14. Beach Pasir Putih Parbaba

Beach Pasir Putih Parbaba located in the Village of Huta Bolon, Kecamatan Pangururan, Kabupaten Samosir, Sumatera Utara. This tourist attraction which is located on the shore of Lake Toba.

Tourists can follow the various rides such as jet ski, banana boat, and water bikes. Visitors can also relax at the edge of the lake or rent a ban if you want to swim.

15. Mount Pusuk Buhit

Mount Pusuk Buhit is one of the places to see the view of Lake Toba.

Not only that, this place also save a story behind it. That said, the Mount Pusuk Buhit be the site of King Batak lowered from heaven.

Therefore, local people make this mountain as one of the sacred places. The mountain is also used as a place of prayer by the surrounding population. 

Mount Pusuk Buhit become one of the regions in the tourist zone of geology in the Lake Toba. 

16. Paropo

Paropo is a village located on the shore of Lake Toba. The village is included in the Sub-region Silahisabungan, Dairi Regency, North Sumatra.

The village is famous for its camping ground on the banks of Lake Toba. In fact, the pair overlooking the village with Ranu Kumbolo in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS).

17. Bukit Gajah Bobok

Bukit Gajah Bobok be one of the favorite attractions visitors around the Lake Toba. This hill is located in the pangambatan, Brand, Kabupaten Karo, Sumatera Utara.

To enjoy the panorama of Lake Toba from this location, tourists need to walk in the path that has been there. 

18. Country Bakkara

Country Bakkara is a region located in the southwest of Lake Toba.

The region is administratively located in the District of Baktiraja, Kabupaten Humbang Hasunduta, North Sumatra.

Country Bakkara consists of several hamlets and villages around the valley. This area is split by the two fast-flowing river, namely Aek cross and Aek Simangira.

Both of these rivers flow from the hills, and empties directly into Lake Toba.

One more just on the hills around Lake Toba which is worth exploring. Hill Siadtaratas is a tourist attraction in the area Paropo, District Silahi Sabungan, Dairi Regency, North Sumatra.

Visitors can camp on top of the hill after trekking through the village and the hill. Path trekking to the top of the hill is also not so difficult, even for beginners.

19. Pulau Sibandang

Pulau Sibandang or also known with the name of the Island Pardepur is one of the tourist attractions located in the vicinity of Lake Toba. More precisely, this tourism object is located in the Estuary, North Tapanuli, North Sumatra.

The island is also one of the cultural attractions around the Lake Toba. Tourists can witness the making of kain ulos directly and follow the customs of the Village community Sampuran combined with Dance Mossak.

If you are intending a vacation to a series of attractions that after PPKM, don't forget to follow protocol health, as always wear a mask, keep your distance, avoid crowds, and wash your hands with soap. Do not forget also to please vaccinate.

20. Lake Toba is located in North Sumatra Province. 

The lake is known as the largest lake in Indonesia, which amounted to 1.130 square kilometers. 

According to the website of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Lake Toba become one of the largest volcanic lake in the world. 

Not only that, this lake offers a variety of natural attractions and rich cultural potential.

21. Peak Sidiangkat

22. Cruise Lake Toba

23. The Village Tuktuk Siadong

24. Pantai Batu Hoda

25. Beach Paropo

26. Aek Rangat Pangururan

27. Flower Garden Sapo Juma Tongging




27 Tourist Areas Around Lake Toba, is Suitable for Nature Lovers
27 Tourist Areas Around Lake Toba, is Suitable for Nature Lovers

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